The Orri trail - Les Deveses

This route crosses the upper part of Els Cortals valley to Collada d’Enradort pass, passing the orris on the south side of Les Deveses river and the meadows and marshes on the upper reaches of Enradort, frequented by marmots.

All along the route, you will find important old buildings: 
Orri Vell stands on a spur between Les Deveses river and a tributary from El Griu. It is intact, with a remarkably large sheepfold that follows the natural line of the rocks. Overlooking the river, you can see the long milking pen and, built into a large rock, the old, ruined hut. Orri d’Emportona, stands in a shallow valley on the upper reaches of Les Deveses river, a few meters from Emportona river.
The main part has been excavated and the three different buildings demonstrate how huts have evolved: a large hut from the end of the medieval ages, a hut from the early modern period and a small hut from the 19th century, the only one that could be seen before the dig.

It is a perfect example, with a well-preserved sheepfold and milking pen. The site also had a Neolithic settlement, probably used for keeping livestock. Orri d’Enradort, stands next to a scree, close to the marshes on the upper reaches of Les Deveses river, at the foot of Collada d’Enradort pass and Solanelles peak. It is still intact and you can make out the circular sheepfold where sheep were kept, which may have given the place its name. Among the stones, you can see the milking pen and several small huts and other structures.