It is a route without any beacon except for the sign that we find in the first lake of Pessons that tells us the way to follow, and the fitas that will tell us where to climb the final vertical stretch; the rest is done by way anchi all. Anyway, the proximity and obviousness of where we are going make the route easy to follow.

We will leave the parking of the Cubil, and in plain, bordering the facilities of the ski slopes we will go in south direction towards the base of the chairlift Coma Blanca. We will continue the track up parallel to the river dels Colells and in sighting a borda (km 0.7) turn right.

When arriving at km 1,1 instead of continuing under the chairlift we will take the road to the left, which shortly afterwards will return us to the track that parallel to a torrent will leave us in the pass dels Colells (km 1,7) where we will turn right and a few meters later and always upwards will leave us in the lake of Coma Estremera. We will continue upwards, first on a gentle slope until passing the Coma Estremera and a final stretch more right that will leave us in the pass of Montmalús, the highest point of the route. Following the indications of the indicator stick, continue straight down and then left, also following the indications of the indicator flag. From this point we will see the lake of Montmalús, therefore, the route, everything and that is obvious, we must follow it by the yellow marks. We’ll only see the shelter when we’re close enough because it’s hidden.

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Sortida: 2.108 m. Punt més alt: 2.707 m
5 km
2 h 15'