07. Funicamp (Solanelles) - Estany Primer dels Pessons

This is a very easy route, by track and mostly downhill.

We leave the upper station of Funicamp and go down the wide track until we reach the pass of Enradort where we find the signpost of the MTB routes indicating that on the left, we have the track to go to Grau Roig. We take this track, and we go down overlooking the lake of the Cubil in the background the lifter of the same name, where we arrived and passed by to continue for the track, now in ascent.
At the end of the climb, we find a pole with indications to Grau Roig, which we will continue to the right. Now we continue in descent and approximately in the km 4,5, if we look to the right, we will see an Orri, is the Orri d'Encenrera, we will follow the marks of the Route dels Orris, and when we pass by, for the meadow, we will stop to the track that descending to the left hand will leave us in the lake Primer.

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Sortida: 2.503 m. Arribada: 2.262 m
5,5 km
1 h

We will find water in the restaurant of Solanelles and in the restaurant of lake Primer