06 - Grau Roig - Els Pessons - Refuge de l’Illa

This is a route that requires a medium physical condition and minimal knowledge of the material needed to make the route safely.

We will leave the parking lot of the Grau Roig Cubil, we will head up the road and turn left towards the Cubil chairlift. Continue along the wide track that continues straight, passing next to the toilets. Up on the track we find an entrance on the right indicating the way to the lakes of Pessons, we will turn. We will follow the yellow and yellow marks surrounded by blue sky crossing the forest of the Peu dels Pessons, by rocky terrain and well right in some section, until we reach the Estany Primer. We will turn left and from here we will follow the marks of the GR-7 (white ralla on red ralla) until the end of the route. We will go up and enjoy the amount of lakes we will find: 
Forcat, Tercer, Rodó, del Meligar, Sisè, and finally the lake of les Fonts. A few meters higher begin the strong and demanding climb until reaching the pass dels Pessons. Once on the hill we will enjoy excellent views over the lakes dels Pessons. Now we will turn left, and we will continue in plane for the GR attentive to find the path that goes down (km 6,0) to the refuge of the Illa. The views over Lake Illa are unparalleled and will give us the clue of where the refuge is, invisible until we practically arrive as it is hidden behind the lake reservoir. We lowered carefully the first stage and then the road will be easy. In the km 7,5 we arrive to a crossing, already beside the lake of the Illa, with the dam in front, where we find a sign that indicates us that the refuge of the Illa is to 10'. All that remains is to skirt the lake and go down a few meters to reach the refuge.

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Sortida: 2.107 m. Arribada: 2.840 m
8,8 km
3.45 h

In the restaurant of the First lake, and in the refuge of the Illa