05 - Les Pardines - Agols shelter- Illa shelter

It is an easy route to follow and without technical difficulty, but it will require adequate physical preparation to deal with the steep slope and some sections where the slope is well pronounced.

The valley of Madriu-Perafita-Claror will offer us a wonderful visual and sound show all the way thanks to the quantity and variety of flowers, birds, and streams of water.

We will leave the parking lot of les Pardines following the signs to els Agols - Madriu that will accompany us all the way.

The marks to follow will always be yellow dots.

The route can be divided into four parts: a first where we will go inside the forest and bordering the stream, a second of wide scenarios before and after arriving at the refuge of els Agols (3.3 km), a third aerial at the top of els Agols (6 km)higher point of the route, and a fourth bordering a few lakes already climbing the slope to the refuge of the Illa (lake of the Gargantillar, lake Forcat, and the lake Rodó, already at the foot of the refuge of the Illa).

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Sortida: 1.628 m. Màxima: 2.680 m
9,5 km
5.30 h
Water with sanitary control will only be found in the shelter of Illa.
Slope +: +1.150 m. Slope -: -300 m.