It is an easy route to follow and without any technical difficulty, but it will require a medium physical preparation to face the steep slope with guarantees and some sections where the slope is well pronounced. We will find fences for the cattle that we will close in our path.

We will leave the continuous parking to the road dels Cortals where we will find the panel of the Vall de Madriu-Perafita-Claror and the indications of the route peak of the Alt del Griu. The route is very easy and obvious, we will only find a crossing announcing the path of the Bosc del Campeà and where we will follow the signs to the peak of Alt del Griu..
It is a constant climb, first inside the forest, and later, without the protection of the trees by the well-milled path that will take us to the hill of Entinyola from where we can already see the rocky summit of the Alt del Griu. We’ll always follow the yellow marks on the CC. The views at this point are spectacular, especially when we reach the summit, place where it will be worth a stop if the weather conditions accompany.

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Sortida: 1.890 m. Màxima: 2.875 m
4,2 km
2.15 h
Water not made drinkable.
Slope +: +985 m. Slope -: 0 m.