03 - Encamp - Refuge of Ensagents - Hill of Pessons - Refuge of Illa

This is a route without complications but that will require a good physical condition due to the important difference in level that we will have to face.

We will leave the Tourist Office of Encamp, in Plaza del Consell No. 1, following the marks of the GR-11 (red and white) we will go up the street of the Girauda, we will pass in front of the building of the Comú, straight on, for the avenue of Rouillac we will pass the bridge on the river Aixec until arriving near the river Valira of Orient, where we will take the paved path of the Oratori to then follow the signs of the road of the Boixader, we will cross the road by the pedestrian crossing and with caution, from here we will always follow the yellow markings attentive to the signs on the detours we will find. Submerged in the forest, and in constant and hard climb, we will continue along the path of the Tosquer, we will cross the path of the Canal to continue along the path dels Solans. We will pass under the Funicamp and in soft descent first, parallel to the fields of pasture and in soft climb then, parallel to the river we will pass in front of some railings. By the bridge over the river, we will turn right to take the track that will lead us to the road dels Cortals, which we will continue a few meters to take a path that goes left. We will follow the obvious path and arrive at a junction that indicates the entrance to the Bosc del Campeà.

We will follow the signs to the refuge of Ensagents by the road of Ensagents. The climb inside the forest is distracted as we go along the side of the river Ensagents where we will find wooden walkways that will save us from wetting our feet if there is water flow.

In the km 7,5 we will arrive to the refuge of Ensagents. We will be at 2.440 m of altitude, and we will have gained almost 1.200 meters of positive slope. Here the open landscapes offer us a spectacular visual spectacle and a lush and colorful vegetation.

After the refuge we will follow the signs to the pass of the Pessons and the refuge of the Illa, following the direction we take, along the middle road. To continue we must always follow up the pink marks. We will reach the ridge where we will enjoy excellent panoramic views over the lakes of both sides to the Pessons Pass, where we will find the GR-11. We will continue towards the peak of Pessons to descend later, always following the marks of the GR until the refuge of the Illa, first by the path decomposed to the slope more right, bordering the lake, end of the journey.

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Sortida: 1.272 m. Màxima: 2.830 m
14,5 km
5.30 h

Water with sanitary control will only be found in the shelter of Illa.

We will find several cattle fences along the road that we will close once we have passed.