02 - Bony and Return of the Neres

Circular route with magnificent views over the valley of Encamp

We will leave the parking area of the port of Beixalís, a place of reference for cycling thanks to being part of both the Tour de France and La Vuelta, and bordering point between the parishes of Ordino and Encamp.

This is an easy route to follow, with a well-milled path and good signage if we follow the indications of this review.

We will take the trail that starts just behind the monument dedicated to cycling. We will always continue yellow marks and initially in the direction of Bony de les Neres where we will arrive after a long and continuous climb of 3.3 km in which we will find friendly sections and sections quite inclined, always upwards. On reaching the Bony de les Neres if we turn the facilities we will get stunning views of Encamp and the Umbria mountains of Encamp.

We will continue following the indications to the port of Ordino, in descent and for wide track, which we will leave just in the km 4 for a path that will take us directly to the port.

We will cross the road and follow the signs to Font del Mallol, first for GR in descent, which we will leave in the km 5,1 to continue following the yellow marks, attentive to turn left to continue in ascent, to cross the road again.

We will reach an esplanade where we will find a sign indicating the route, and we will always follow yellow marks inside the forest of the port of Ordino until we reach the Font del Mallol and its barbecue area. Soon after we will coincide with the path of the first climb where we will find the sign that will indicate the direction to the port of Beixalís. Nothing more will be left to undo the initial path to get back to the starting point.

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Sortida: 1810 m. Màxima: 2200 m
10,7 km
3 h 20'