Find the Tamarro

The legend, not really a legend, of the tamarros

Have you heard of tamarros? Tamarros are mischievous creatures, half legend and half popular imagination, living in a fantasy world parallel to our own. They only visit us when we need them, as they are the protectors of Andorra’s forests and nature, they are responsible for protecting our parishes. They are very difficult to see because they move very quickly and stealthily.

In Andorra, each parish has a tamarro that lives in a magical portal, hidden in the forests they protect and each tamarro is entrusted with the protection of its natural environment.
Do you want to find the magical portals where the tamarros live? Find them, there is a prize! Stop by any Tourism office and pick up the tamarros book/passport.

As you find them you can mark them with the corresponding symbol, when you have completed the search for the seven tamarros, approach any Tourism office and you will receive a set of prizes.

Recommended activity for:

  • Hikers
  • Family