Fishing in the Cubil lake

Discover fishing high up in the mountains

Take the Funicamp to enjoy a high altitude fishing experience.

4X4 transfer from Solanelles up to the Cubil lake. We will take you to the Cubil lake where you can enjoy the mountain fishing with your family and friends, guided by a specialist who will be happy to pass on all the best techniques.
Activity duration: 1h

This activity is free for under 14’s.

This activity can be undertaken by a child alone with the guide, or with adults and children. Adults must either obtain a tourist fishing licence for day, available at the Encamp tourist office, or hold a seasonal fishing licence.

Adult day licence: 10,30 €.

Access to the Funicamp and 4x4 transfer to the Cubil lake: 16 €.

Free with seasonal ski pass, for Club Super 3 members, Club Piolet members and a 2x1 offer for tourists staying in Encamp.

- Funicamp Tourist Office, Tel. +376 834011

- Encamp Tourist Office, Tel. +376 731000
- Pas de la Casa Tourist Office, Tel. +376 755100
- WhatsApp. +376 641000

Recommended activity for:

  • Family