The Jewel, Charlemagne’s legendary sword to which magical powers are attributed, is gone! Suspicions point to the Nazi occult Thule Society. Who knows what they would do with the power of the relic! You must retrieve it to shelter it in Encamp, the historical place that corresponds to it. but attention! Someone else is behind it! Will you be able to track her down, catch the thief and solve Joyosa’s mysterious past?

Urban escape room that is played through the streets of Encamp in first person. A thrilling adventure through Encamp to get the magical and all-powerful sword of Charlemagne: "The Jewel".
Help the Clio find Charlemagne’s sword as he tries to discover that he is behind this strange secret society that steal valuable historical relics and that has something to do with his family’s past ... and his own present.
Escape city of approximately 6 hours. To play you must go to the Tourist Office of Encamp and acquire the box with the game, download the mobile app that will guide you and help you in case you need it and choose which adventure you want to live while discovering the most emblematic corners of Encamp. The game is divided into three chapters, so if you don’t finish the game in a day, you can always finish it again, you will continue from where you left it.

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