Escapeland Andorra

The world’s first country escape game

Andorra Escapeland is a game suitable for all audiences, to play with your family or with your friends 365 days a year and which will allow you to discover Andorra. Scattered throughout the Andorran territory are hidden enigma that you can discover if you want.

There are seven riddles, a different riddle in each parish. 
If you dare to play and are able to solve the seven riddles and stamp the seven stamps in your passport, you will be able to access “’Andorra Escapeland Final”.

Encamp’s enigma “The bear’s trail”

The trails of Encamp hide a great mystery. Many years ago, a bear turned everything upside down. Now she’s back and we have to trace her path to find out where she’s hiding. Do you dare to look for her?

The village of Encamp, although it does not seem so at first glance, is full of small details that mark and give clues to the passage of the bear. It is the responsibility of the researchers and explores to analyze them down to the smallest detail. This is not the first time that the bear has passed through Encamp. In fact, there are numerous legends an historical dance that commemorate it. But this time, only those who know how to find the exact distances to the bear will be able to find her. Follow all the traces that you will find on the cardstock and use the meter rule to get it.
Enigma of Pas de la Casa “The merchant’s secret”

The closeness to the border makes El Pas de la Casa the perfect place to hide any secret. Some merchant’s coins have been found there. These contain the keys to a hidden treasure. Will you be able to find it? Don’t waste your time and be the first ones to discover the treasure.

After years of searching, the treasure of Pas de la Casa has finally been discovered, but nobody has managed to open it yet. Our investigations conclude that the merchant who hid it also hid the keys that open the chest all throughout the city. In this box we have collected all the material that we believe is essential to find the code that unlocks the treasure.

Coins are sure to play a key role. Follow the path on the map in search of the keys that will allow you to open the chest and you will achieve your goal. Will you be able to do it?

Want to know what the other riddles are?
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Good luck and keep going!

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