The Bear’s ball

The ball starts with the horse-drawn arrival of the Lord and Lady who have just taken on the team of reapers for the harvest season.

The reapers argue amongst themselves, and during a break from work they sit beneath a pine tree singing folk songs, a wench arrives on a donkey holding a hamper full of provisions. All of a sudden the bear appears, attracted by the smell of the contents of the hamper.
As the bear goes for the hamper, hunters appear and shoot it. As reward for this, the Lord and Lady hand out a sack of coins to each person present. The performance takes place on the Monday during the Carnaval festivities.

The Bear’s ball has been declared as an intangible part of Andorran Cultural Heritage and its origins stem from the middle ages. Since the 1950’s, this spectacle plays out the scenario written by Rossend Marsol “en Sicoris”.