Sports tourism

Sport training camps and events. The parish of Encamp places itself as a European leader in regards to sport

Encamp was named the 2020 European Sports Town by ACES Europe. Furthermore, it was presented with the flag of the 2020 best sports town by ACES Europe’s very own General Secretary.

Encamp and Pas de la Casa are deserving of this accolade due to their sports facilities and the sports events they welcome. Our parish is considered to be a leading reference also because of the top level training camps undertaken by both professional and amateur athletes.

Many different top level sports teams and sportspersons prepare their seasons using our parish’s facilities. FC Barcelona’s handball, indoor soccer, basketball B and Women’s, roller hockey Women’s teams are regular summer visitors to Encamp. The Chilean paralympique team chose the Encamp Sports Complex and the Granvalira ski station to prepare themselves for two months leadiing up to the Beijing Winter Games in 2020.

The Swiss swimming team  Schwimmclub Aarefisch, made up of swimmers from the ages of 15 to 21, underwent a week long high altitude training camp at the Pas de la Casa Sports Centre.

Reona Aoki and Yu Hanaguruma, Japanese international swimmers use the facilities of the Pas de la Casa Sports Centre to prepare for the World Championships in Budapest and for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The local professional basketball team Morabanc Andorra has also chosen the Pas de la Casa Sports Centre for its pre-season training.

The local professional basketball team Morabanc Andorra has also chosen the Pas de la Casa Sports Centre for its pre-season training.

High caliber sports events fill the Encamp calendar. The oldest Pyrenean race, the Otso Travessa dEncamp, has well known athletes competing, such as Pau Capell, Sergi García, Sheila Avilés or Claudia Tremps, skiers and mountain runners such as Gabrielle Gazetto or Noemí Junod come and compete in Encamp. The Andorra Spartan Race, the most spectacular obstacle course race on the Spartan circuit, as well as its kids race, are high up on the global sporting calendar. This event takes place in the heart of Encamp town center.

La Purito, the cycling road race started by “Purito” Rodríguez which has its finish line at Els Cortals d’Encamp after passing over the Beixalis Mountain pass, has had distinguished participants such as Merkel Iriza in the past. La Travessa Pas de la Casa, is a Mountain race which has the aim of highlighting the natural environment, with the ‘Les Abelletes’ lake as the focal point of its circuit.

The Gran Fondo World Championships, épreuve cycling road race which includes three of our parish’s mountain climbs: ‘Els Cortals d’Encamp’, ‘La collada de Beixalís’ and ‘Port d’Envalira’. This race is part of the International Circuit including 21 countries and with more than 20 races planned..